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Lights out. - You found Jose

Jan. 3rd, 2008 07:07 pm Lights out.

The internet is incredibly slow here so i'll once again keep this brief.
We woke up at the buttrack of dawn to catch a bus to Chichicastenango. The day before yesterday was a little rough with the windstorms, but they got progressively worse yesterday. The power went out never to return around 6pm last night in the middle of dinner. Needless to say there were no hot showers, so... i've yet to do that.
Kike (pronounced Key-keh for all those with their minds in the gutter) and I got robbed blind at the market. They overpriced everything, but then we eventually got the hang of haggling and i got some pretty cool stuff for my mom and me.
My iPod is charging, meaning that my life will be complete as soon as that done. We're waking up, yet again, at the buttcrack of dawn to visit some ruins in Honduras. That should be cool.
We've also decided to save some bucks and not go back through Belize, which means not visiting San Pedro (La Isla Bonita... you know that song madonna sings?) and that's okay. Neither Kike nor I were fans of Belize, and we think visiting Chiapas will be a lot more rewarding. Besides, we still get to see the Caribbean through Guatemala later. I can't wait to see that.
Guatemala has been amazing. Thankfully we've yet to go through anything really dangerous.
The windstorm is still going on, but the power is finally back, which is how i'm able to update.
I've only received 2 postcard requests... your time is running out.
Happy new year, all. 
Ps. Expect longer, more detailed, entries when I'm back home. and after finals.

Current Location: Antigua, Guatemala
Current Mood: dirtydirty
Current Music: Evanescence - Going Under

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Date:January 5th, 2008 05:34 am (UTC)
I want a post card bitch! Message me for on myspace for my address if you dont already have it....
Date:January 5th, 2008 05:24 pm (UTC)

Hi from Susan

I just remembered that I have this as one of my bookmarks!! Glad you two are having a fun trip. And I want a postcard, pretty please!
Susan Forrester
PO Box 544
Astoria, OR 97103

Can't wait to read more. All is well up here, stormy as usual but we are alive and have lights.

Love to you and Kike