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Dean-o-saur. - You found Jose

Aug. 20th, 2007 09:33 pm Dean-o-saur.

I’m sitting in my room watching an old episode of flavor of love. It's the season finale...This is where New York gets what’s coming to her…again. Ha!

My parents arrived about 3 hours ago and I was very happy to see them. This means I won’t have to leave home to face the hurricane elsewhere. I also get the satisfaction of knowing that they are safe with me rather than stuck at an airport.

Almost immediately after arriving…and after calling a few of her siblings, my mom insisted we go to the supermarket to get more food. It’s a good thing we did, because they closed fifteen minutes after we left.
My mom started making small conversation with the cashier, and jokingly said that we would purposely leave our van in their basement, the girl said that it gets really flooded so it would be a really bad idea anyway.

The city also shutting down electricity at midnight (less then 3 hours), so I’m trying my best to enjoy my last few moments of trash-tv and internet.

As you can see, tomorrow around 2pm will be about the worst for Merida, but at least the eye of the storm won’t pass over here. It was suggested to me that I travel south, but I think that getting in a car in the middle of a storm is a terrible idea. Also, I have no where south to go. I wonder if I have some long-lost relative in Belize who will take me…Better yet, Guatemala.

I want everyone to know that I appreciate you concerns, and that your attention means a lot to me. But it’s also important for you to know that I DON’T WANT TO DIE. I’m not staying in Merida out of stubbornness (like the people who stayed in New Orleans when Katrina happened), but because I think staying here is the safest, smartest thing to do. I am not alone. I am with my parents. We have cans of food, fruit, milk, and a plethora of juices to last us at least a week. Even if the storm strengthens into a Category 5 hurricane, I’m pretty sure my house can take it. We share two stone, cement walls with both our neighbors, so I don't think the house will receive much damage (except for the water getting in), if any.

My intention is not to sound like a jerk, but rather to ease your minds. If it makes any of you feel any better, the school directly across from my house was turned into a shelter, so if necessary, I could walk about 25 feet into a shelter.
After midnight, there will be no way to contact the world outside these walls, and as soon as I’m able to resurface, I’ll contact as many of you as I can to let you know I’m still alive.
As for now, I feel that I’m as prepared as one can be.

  • Doritos? Check.
  • Cookies? Check.
  • Nutella? Check.
  • Caramel sauce? Check.
  • Chocolate bars? Check.
  • Chocolate rice krispies? Check.
  • Books? Check.
  • Candles for reading late at night? Check.
  • Sodoku for mental stimulation? Check.
  • Playing dominoes (Mexican train [my mother’s favorite]) as soon as the lights go out? Check.

And so here it is, my last goodbye.
Thank you for your concerns.
I love you all.
See you soon.

Current Location: Out of Dean's way.
Current Mood: indifferentindifferent
Current Music: Coldplay - Yellow

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Date:August 21st, 2007 03:02 am (UTC)
Dude, Joser, I am very sorry that I did not get HP 7 back to you in case you are holed up eating all your junk food for a week. Seriously dude, you're going be sick of that junk before you make it out of there alive and might have eat your toes.

Will be thinking of you.